Layman’s guide to relaxation, resilience and mindfulness program is for every one of the age 18 and above. The program (weekly) introduces easy, simple practices of rest and relaxation that transitions to meditation. It is free from cult, dogma and belief. Educate yourself the art of rest, relaxation and meditation. Learn how to manage Lesson-to-Lesson anxiety, anger, agitation, fatigue, sleep disturbances, ADD etc. for more details send email at info@girishjha.org to customize it for your you, your kids and friends. We offer online / in person / group sessions

A mindfulness retreat is always better because it enables the mind to break its old habits. The eastern wisdom which is 6000 years old with 3000 teachers and texts. In early days, the students used to stay in the monastery for weeks and months together.

The study published in the journal Translational Psychiatry, published by Nature.

Retreat helps the conditioned mind to retrain the brain much faster

The students in the past used to live 24X7 under the supervision of the master for weeks, months and years. I had the fortune to stay in the Monastery of my master in the Himalayas for years together. If a student is dedicated and committed to change, retreat surely helps.

Arizona intensive

Many benefits

Studies suggest the positive effects that a week’s meditation can have on our lives i.e. long term boost of metabolism, deep rest and relaxation, higher immunity, physical well-being and mental calmness.


The idea is not new- long and intensive retreat can be organized even online

This year, I have given online intensive retreat to 7 people with tremendous benefits. The program was highly customized for the group with following steps


-Self-evaluation (non-medical) of stress / pain level

We evaluated their stress level based on the principles of eastern wisdom to help customize our daily program and practices.

-learning the principles of eastern wisdom

The eastern wisdom is exhaustive study, having 3000 teachers and texts. We carefully selected two important texts that explains principles of mindfulness (passive meditation) and Active meditation practices.

-Every session was structured to maximize the benefits

Brief talk, steps of guided practices, guided session, interactive discussion and sharing of experiences were few points of online retreat.

We encouraged every student to practice at different times of day through audio file digitally delivered to them.

Positive results are still coming

Many students are reporting the change in attitude, perception of the world, deep relaxation, inner peace and happiness. Others noted improvement in their performance at work, better relationship with their partners and reduced fatigue, anxiety and deep sleep.

Listen, Learn and experience one session

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