Evolve and Help others to Evolve

  • Manage P.A.I.N. (stress, relationship, physical pain etc.)
  • Achieve well – being (creativity, focus, performance etc.)
  • Discover inner peace, happiness, wisdom and love.
  • Eastern wisdom is 6000 years old, supported by 3000 teachers, texts and practices that includes applied mindfulness. We apply simple and easy practices in a program.
  • Scientific research (from neuroscience, physiology, psychology, biochemical etc.) Suggests when mind moves and lives within, it changes the mind to fire the brain to rewire it.
  • The results : change in attitude, habits, personality, improved sleep, reduced fatigue, enhanced self – awareness, 24X7 state of mindfulness, higher emotional intelligence.

Who can join?

Anyone facing challenges in personal, professional, social lives and ready to change.

How we do it?

Interactive brief talk on the principles, guided practice, sharing of experiences, QA


  • Self-inspired to learn and practice the guided techniques
  • Ready to educate from your experiences.
  • Motivated to discover inner peace and happiness