These include but not restricted to 135 different types of breathing practices for body, breath, brain, and mind, 25 meditation/ mindfulness practices derived from eastern wisdom, 10 types of simple rest and relaxation practices, Yantra, sound resonance practices, brain energizing techniques, measured diet such as medicine with single herbs, powerful tantra healing tools, naturopathy methods for cleansing and detoxification.

Our programs include 6 out of 10 of the most recognized non-pharmaceutical approaches. Used in various combinations based on your problems. Read more National Institute of Health information.

The journey covers different milestones and includes – self assessment of problems, self-evaluation of your life and problems/ stress/ illnesses and strengths to determine how to proceed with the self-help programs and practices. We assure you that we give the maximum return to your investment to yourself, time and money.

This course aims to promote well-being and health at physical, mental, emotional and social dimensions of life. The participants receive simple and easy tools and practices that help to live in positive health and prevent day-to-day problems of anxiety, fatigue and sleep disturbances.

P.A.I.N. includes personal, professional, social and spiritual problems of human life. We offer specialized courses on pain management that includes physical pain, migraine, mental and emotional challenges. The course helps improve quality of life and minimize the impact of pain/ problems.

There are thousands of practices of meditation/ mindfulness passed on to us by great masters. Not a single practice fits everyone. We work with participant and find the best practice that fits him/her. It is important to select the right practice based on state of physical, mental and emotional health.

We use the word, ‘self-discovery’ for subjective reality behind the physical body, mind and intellect. It is the ‘real-self’ or pure consciousness. According to eastern wisdom, the goal of human life is to discover this ‘self’ to bring about transformation in life. The self-discovery brings an end to stress and suffering from life. The course helps you to take a journey based on the teachings of great masters.

Is It Scientific

If we understand science logically as a systematic method of acquiring knowledge that includes

  • Recognition of problems
  • Collection of data and information through observation ( subjective experiences)
  • Applying the simple and easy practices to manage problems, improve health conditions, minimize the impact of illness
  • Testing the hypothesis (in our case customized practices) for the best outcome.

Right Programs for best results

  • The right knowledge from the texts of eastern wisdom that follows the practices that are right fit for you.
  • Practice/s personalized in every session for speedy recovery from PAIN.
  • Sharing the experiences for deeper understanding of your true nature.
  • Discussion on what blocks your progress on the path to well-being and pain management.
  • Exploring your innate qualities that accelerate the progress.
  • Secrets of changing your attitude and behaviors that obstructs manifestation of health, harmony and happiness

Guided Practices – Authentic And Joyful

  • Himalayan masters mentored Girish Jha, MS, BS for 26 years. He has been offering services in the field of mind-body non-pharmaceutical, well-being and illness management programs for the last 35 years.
  • He has helped improve the quality of life for people suffering from psychological disorders (ADHD, PTSD, and anxiety) and physical disorders (including Muscular Dystrophy, various forms of cancer, and debilitating pain)
  • He uses more than 100 techniques that he has learned from different masters. These practices are free from cult, dogma, belief and religion.